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Science Fun Club in Bangalore

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Join us on Science Fun Club – Year Long Program

Our year-long programs have been designed with a motto of making Science a fun subject for the participants. Science fun club is a mix of our popular short courses like Think like a Scientist, Skill School, Be a researcher, Science of things around us, Fun with Chemistry, Exciting energy! etc The topics have been chosen based on the past experience in conducting science summer camps, Curriculum based programs at school, fun workshops, project clubs and corporate programs.


Download our Brochure to Learn More about Science Fun Club

ScienceUtsav offers separate Year Long Programs for different age groups. There are multiple modules and innovative programs to keep the kids excited to learn more.

Year Long program has been designed based on the past experience of successful years in conducting science summer camps, curriculum based programs at school, fun workshops and science clubs. The workshops have been designed in such a manner that there are adequate take home working models and supporting experiments.

ScienceUtsav has been conducting science themed weekends programs at various schools and institutes at different cities across India since the past 5 years. We have reached 9 cities with more than 45 centres.

Geeky Electronics

This is an introduction to basic electronics where participants build circuit every class using basic components on a PCB. Participants are also introduced to soldering and circuit diagrams at a basic level.
Courses are conducted from Level 1 to Level3. This program develops an interest in electronics and encourages participants to understand the technological world with a different outlook.

Robotics and Computer Programming

Integrating mechatronics with programming helps children develop logical and creative thinking and that is what exactly we try to help children develop in the class.

We take only 4 registration in a class with individual working machine and robotic kit. Individual working experience gives enough space for creativity and the little competitive world with another 3 participants helps them think about the social environment.

Drone Workshops

Workshop to familiarize students with drones, teach them basics and intricacies to build a quad rotor and experience the pleasure of flying self‐built drone.

What will students learn from the workshop?
-Principles of operation of multi rotors
-Hands-on experience with building aerial vehicles
-Flying self-built UAVs

Kiddo Scientist
(Sr Kg & Grade1)

    Introduction to the scientific way of learning!

  • -Missile Launcher – Kids will learn the concept of push and pull. Build a missile launcher which works on this principle.
  • -Light and Shadow – What is light made up of, Properties of light, Difference between sunlight and artificial light, colors and more?
  • -The science of Sound – Doctor Doctor !! Build your own stethoscope and understand the science around it.
  • -Amazing Astronomy – Children learn about different objects of the universe using fun hands on activities

Think like a Scientist Juniors
(Grade2, Grade3, and Grade4)

Introduction to the scientific way of learning!

  • -Science is (not) a Magic! – Conduct fun experiments and understand how every phenomenon can be answered by Science.
    Take Home Project: Thaumatrope and Persistence of vision experiments
  • -Light and Shadow – What is light made up of, Properties of light, Difference between sunlight and artificial light, colours and more?
  • -Frame of Reference – Understand the world around with a frame of reference. They may start analyzing why far objects look smaller after the class.
    Take Home Project: Ghost Room
  • -Sense Organs – Understand how the sense organs are related to each other and help, deceive about the world around us.
    Take Home Project: Slate for blind

Geeky Electronics:
Age group: Grade5 to Grade8

Participants start from the basics of electricity and by the end of the workshop, they understand the principles of electronics too. The participants learn to solder to make multiple projects using Simple electrical components like batteries, resistors, capacitors, LEDs, etc.

Download our Brochure to Learn More about Science Fun Club

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